The HealthMax Athlete Sponsorship and NANO3 Brand Ambassador Program is an exclusive membership designed to elevate exceptional athletes and social influencers who are positive leaders in their community and passionately engaged in promoting active, healthy lifestyles both-in person and online through social media.

Whether you’re an amateur, professional, or trainer who is passionate about success, we welcome your application for sponsorship.

HealthMax Group embraces every individual on different levels of their fitness journey through a supportive health & wellness community driven by our dedicated health professionals. We believe in creating the most advanced nutritional products that reflect a passion for purity, healthy living and an active wellness lifestyle. All-natural NANO3 branded CBD products are pure and engineered to help people endure the greatest challenges, build health confidence, gain positive health outcomes and to change lives in a meaningful, effective way. To us, these are the essential ingredients of an integrated CBD lifestyle. We are thrilled to sponsor athletes and bring on brand ambassadors who are actively competing in different venues of sports and to become an influential and integral part of your professional journey. Your participation and NANO3’s media coverage will help to save lives in America and a leading influence for many suffering from a wide range of serious illnesses across all ages.

Becoming a HealthMax Sponsored Athlete and Brand Ambassador

We chose recognized individuals based on professionalism, enthusiasm and engagement with your community both locally and online; but most importantly how you impact the competitive athlete world. Your social influence and social media presence plays a key role in our final consideration for this Corporate Sponsorship as a Level 1 or Level 2 NANO3 Brand Ambassador.

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NANO3 Sponsorship Benefits