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Forward Thinking with Hemp

Choose from different blends and strengths of this tincture to maximize your body’s Endocannabinoid Response System with NANO3 CBD drops. NANO3 is the most advanced liquid CBD blend on the shelf, designed for power from the bottom-up. From first-time trials to serious health regimens, NANO3 is the most trusted brand.

You Always Get the Best

NANO3 is Rated #1 Among 12 Competing Products

The Most Powerful Formula. Say Hello to NANO3 Multi-Spectrum Nano-CBD Drops.

Here’s to the new leader in wide-spectrum terpenoid targeting, marking the peak of consumer blends for both purity and efficacy. Each bottle of our specially formulated NANO3 drops begins with clear Organic Coconut oil which is infused with Spectrumene™, our proprietary multi-spectrum blend of 11 terpenes that naturally enhances the effects of CBD and is combined with nano infused, water-soluble pure CBD isolate.

Superior Formulation

Enhanced with nano technology for maximum bio-absorption giving you enough full strength CBD for every day of the month in just one bottle.

Made with Legal Hemp

No trace of THC and made from real imported industrial hemp plants, legal for unrestricted sale and use in all 50 States and virtually every country.

Best Price

In side-by-side comparisons among 12 leading competitors, NANO3 CBD Drops outrank the field in both nano-technology and lowest price.

CBD Purity

We Only Use HPLC Certified 99% Pure CBD from a GMP Certified facility with no THC, GMO’s, Heavy Metals, Pesticides or Residual Solvents.


Our hemp supply is grown in Central Europe to Certified Organic standards, is GMO free and not a chemical or synthetic form of CBD.

Years of Sales

Since launching the first retail CBD isolate based products in America, we’ve sold pure CBD products longer than anyone.

Pure CBD Dabbing with Precision

Now Available!

Introducing the new 25mg NANO3 CBD DabTabs

NEW! DabTabs – 25mg Pure CBD per Tablet

250mg of Pure Hemp Extract 99.9%

All orders come with the current printed and certified lab COA plus a purity guarantee that no other provider can offer. This product is legal in every state, contains zero THC and does not show a positive on any type of urinalysis test regardless of current or past usage level, duration or number of hours since last use.

The Most Powerful Pure CBD Dabs

ISO Certified by HPLC 99.9% CBD

Instant Effects | Direct CBD Uptake

This is premier medicinal grade hemp isolate powder, selected for its superior formulation and precise properties for dabbing.

Used for a wide range of conditions based on severity, situation and need. Popular among CBD concentrate connoisseurs, pharmaceutical drug users, those leaving addictions and depression, those with PTSD or individuals with suicidality issues. Intended to be used with lower heat ranges than standard wax or dabs, our DabTabs can be used with any standard dabbing setup at about half-orange nail color or less. Instant action and long lasting effects that most people feel for 20-60 minutes, lasting in the body for 12-24 hours depending on condition and amount used.

Purity: 99.9% Pure CBD (Hemp Extract Isolate) by HPLC with undetectable THC rating.

Contents: 250mg (10x 25mg DabTabs) in custom clear-view container

Choose 10, 20 or 40 DabTabs

Treat your Canine Friends to the Next Level with EquiNine CBD for Pets

EqiNine™ 500mg of Pure CBD (99.9% Hemp Isolate) Infused in Organic Coconut Oil

Crystal Clear Hemp Drops

Easier for Our Canine Friends to Digest:

Our product is made with Organic Coconut MCTs that don’t need bile salts to be digested and can pass directly from the digestive system to the blood stream without being modified by digestion like long chain fats. This makes them easier to digest and utilize than long chain fatty acids.

EquiNine 500mg Crystal Clear Hemp Drops in Pure Organic Coconut Oil – No Hemp Taste and a Pure, Clean Appearance

Purity: We Only Use HPLC Certified Pure Hemp Isolate. Our pure hemp extract is GMO free and not a chemically synthesized form.

Recommended Minimum Usage:

Under 10lbs : .5 Dropper Daily

10-24lbs : .5 or 1 Dropper Daily

25-50lbs : 1 Dropper Daily

50-100lbs : 1 or 1.5 Droppers Daily

Over 100lbs : 1.5 or 2 Droppers Daily

Support Hormones, Rebuild Body Tone and Reduce Stress

Since fats are needed for proper hormone creation and balance in the body, MCTs may offer special benefits for canines struggling with hormone imbalances. There is also research suggesting that medium chain fats may be beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight by helping rebalance hormones and improving insulin sensitivity. CBD has been shown to reduce swelling and joint pain.

Instant Power Boost for Immune Health

The same antiviral and antibacterial properties make HealthMax MCTs beneficial for immune function and is combined with the benefits of HealthMax Pure 99% CBD, made from imported industrial hemp and processed with clean Co2 & Alcohol pharma-quality extraction.

Choose a Bottle

This Is One Amazing Classic

HexaDiol is a Classic Blend of Pure CBD Isolate and Your Choice of Organic Carrier Oil.

(no fillers, flavors or added technologies)

Q: I love the Nano-CBD and new terpene blend, but I want to stay on the original bottle I tried, where can I get the original Exalto and NANO3 blends?

A: Unlike Apple and Microsoft, we don’t discontinue support for existing customers when new products are released. From Crystal Pure CBD to Exalto, NANO3 and HexaDiol you can stay on the regimen that works for you for as long as you want, with fresh batches made to order daily in any of the classic blends and strengths.

Classic blends

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